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The Asylum Warped Tour Giveaway!
By the staff of She Fights Like A Girl

To celebrate Summer and EA’s appearance at the Warped Tour, I’m giving away a special slip-case print of Fight Like A Girl and a new tea blend, 4 O’Clock, that was sold at the Asylum Experience.

The Contest
~ Ends on 12:01AM, August 3rd, 2014. The winner will be announced within twenty-four hours.
~ The winner will be chosen at random from the post notes. 
~ International contest. All countries may participate.*

~ One (1) copy of Fight Like a Girl
~ One (1) 4 O’Clock Blend Tea Tin.

~ Follow the blog. You must be a follower to be able to win. 
~ Reblog this post! (Likes do not count.)

~ The prizes will be shipped from the USA. Keep this in mind if you outside the states, as shipping will be higher internationally. *INTERNATIONAL WINNERS MAY BE ASKED TO PAY POSTAGE.
~ Detail photograph of FLAG CD and packaging.

Everything Else
~ Have questions? Put them in SFLAG’s askbox.
~ See general contest and giveaway information here.
~ Please promote the contest outside of tumblr! Share it, talk about it, and give everyone a chance to participate. 

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